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Fic: To Be Human Like Me

This is a Remix of "Smile With Secret Mirth" (there's a link to it on my journal). That story is WAY better. Go read it.

For anyone still here...

Title: To Be Human Like Me
Summary: Written for femslash_minis Set in the NormalVerse, Faith's just crazy, none of it's real. Then Buffy arrives, and things get murky.
Rating: Teen (Swearing, allusions to self-harm and abuse of patients)
Disclaimer: Un mine. Joss own. Me play, no pay.

(Sometimes I think the longer we stay here, the less human we become. )
Faith Vibrance

Another Side of Faith (The Wicca that Won’ta Remix)

Title: Another Side of Faith (The Wicca that Won’ta Remix)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Summary: Faith is many things. And Willow’s annoyed by them all.
Prompts:  #362 Malleable at Taming the Muse
  #072 Capering from Table B (modified) at Lover 100
  #08 Together from Table Five (Light) at 12 Stories.
  Short, sweet, smart, surprised, and shiny at Still Grrr. (The original story included them. This one does too.)
  Written for the Buffy Remix.
Rating: FRM (Mild): Mature Audience: Parents Cautioned.
Warnings: Language and mild naughtiness.
Word Count: 2,908.
Commas Brought to You By: Howard Russell.
Pairings: Buffy/Faith and Willow/Kennedy with grumpy, greedy, sneaky, wantsome, jealous peeks at Buffy/Willow and Faith/Willow.
Author’s Note: “Boredom is a mask frustration wears.” – Neal Stephenson.
Author’s Note (the Second): On a very literal level, my story is a shadow of the original. Go read it. It’s a great little story.
Original Story: What We Got (Is Everything) by deird1.
Distribution:  DreamWidthAO3FanFiction.Net
A master list of my fiction can be found here. Please do not archive or distribute without my permission.
Feedback: That’d be peachy.

Fic: I'll Always Opt To Fall Down These Stairs

Title: I'll Always Opt To Fall Down These Stairs
Author: Beer Good (beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Buffy, post-series
Rating: PG13
Warnings/Notes: Mention of character death and damnation.
Word count: ~3300
Characters/Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Summary: One light Slayer and one dark, one good and one bad, one goes to heaven and one to... Well anyway, for all sorts of reasons, Detroit was just about the last place Buffy expected to run into Faith. With or without wings.
Written for The Chosen Two Archive's Fic Or Treat challenge.

Faith carefully wriggled out of her coat and handed it to Buffy, then pulled off her wooly hat and brushed her hair back. To complete the image, she stretched her wings. The huge, black, bat-like wings really brought out the red horns sticking out of her hair.

"So, B..." Faith flashed her a cold smile and ignored the passers-by complimenting her on her Halloween outfit. "Tell me more about how horrible it is to have been in Heaven."

Regina Mills
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FemSlashCon 2013 - schedule

The schedule for this year’s FemSlashCon has been finalised and you can see all the times etc. here:


Information on the panels, including a list of panellists, times and a rough idea of what we’ll be discussing in each panel will be added to the IDF website over the following month. So get your diaries out and start planning how you’re going to spend the International Day of Femslash weekend.

Fic: Five by Five

Title: Five by Five
Fandom: BtVS
Characters: Buffy, Faith
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for the Sunnydale High School 10th Anniversary Comment!Ficathon.

Summary: Another apocalypse down, Buffy and Faith decide to duck out of the clean up and share a well earned bottle of tequila.

Beside her Faith was also pulling herself up, brushing off the dust and debris of what used to be the town square fountain. "Well, thanks for coming, B. Wouldn't have been the same without you."
Regina Mills
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FemSlashCon Fandom Poll


To help us decide what panels to feature at this year's FemSlashCon please choose the top 5 fandoms for which you'd like to attend a panel at this year's convention. If your fandom of choice isn't listed, simply add it in the text field at the end of the poll.

The poll will close on 5/5/13 and an initial list of panels will be published the following week. As always, we will be including non-fandom specific panels as well, so if you have a suggestion for a craft/skill or other type of panel you'd like to see, please let us know in a reply to this post.

Fandom Poll